by Moon Thief

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(free) 04:01


released January 20, 2017

All songs written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed,
and farted on by: Alex Dougherty



all rights reserved


AC Deathstrike Jacksonville, Florida

ALEX DOUGHERTY a multi-media artist who spends most of his life making songs, music videos, and short films.

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Track Name: Thanks!
Don't you say that, it's not over
I've still got my four leaf clover
Let's leave this dark cave with shadows
Instinct tells me life's on the road
Why does this place make you so sad?
This seems so great, it can't be that bad
Try not to waste the good times you'll have
It's not your taste, but you can't be that mad
Steep innuendos they say it's always the best hive mind
But a test will indicate a treasure find is in the stall where
things tend to get real weird, but that's just why
we stand for rights, and never get behind xenophobic fights
of any kind. It's a reminder that bullies will pick a fight but never
let them steal your pride or adhere
to their cries or let them tell you
what makes you who you are or what it takes to live your life
that's just their personal problem,
it's our world, we're keeping our rights.
Stuck in a time, move on ahead
stop these hate crimes, before more are dead
Let's live our lives, without taking bread
Don't eat these lies you're being fed...
Track Name: Rage (Something Like That)
Listen up, it's a curse to be this crazy
bordering on sabotage
increasing in the will of all the daydreams
floating, keep you racing everyday
all you do is learn the moves
keep it entertaining
and if you want to dance with me baby
all you have to do is ask and I'll stop what I'm doing
and just dance with you, start to move, dance all night
and feel the groove, party till the morning sun is rising
then it's bedtime
until then keep the moves we won't stop
stand till the end and don't drop
improvise these steps and try to open up the rift between
people who live life to judge and never get to know the facts
if you live like that, can't take it back, don't always be on the attack
One always regret what could have been done
it's fine, don't wait, get down
listen to you're inner sound
R-A-G-E can get the best of me at times
when I'm low but not exactly down
with the leeches who know they're draining at the source
padded ports kept from seeing what was there before
All the creatures took the best of what they found
hid it out and kept it all for themselves...
Track Name: Flow
Stop it as the darkness falls
leave it on the stagnant walls
nothing makes you see it more
than when you open up the shores
flood gates flow to the crisp new world
keep it nice for all the boys and girls
can't explain corruption now
take your time then let it out
former way needs an end
we need an update
stop this trend
If you're told "well that's how it is"
Say "Maybe for you, but I'm not going
along with any of this"
There's this push and pull with the way we are
I'm so used to it, but I know it won't get us far
It takes too long and I can't keep waiting
I know it's how we are, but it's frustrating
All the hope I've always had is moving on
and I'll be gone to something else
Like this now, remember back when?
Track Name: Jelly
Chemical plant, keep this high up in the air, land now
because you don't have to prove what you made isn't what you know
It won't define your place, or raise your taste
So keep away, far away, see you on a better day
If you ever knew what I was thinking
you would run away and then start drinking
If it's not too much to ask,
please help me sort this out because I'm feeling guilty
I thought that you'd never notice
locked out and the keys are broken
stop now because you've misspoken
don't think that you've got it figured out
Standing up to the blood
crazy thoughts and mumbled talk
jealous judge, you should stop
I'm too old to be taught life lessons in a box...
Track Name: Winter Classic
Winter classic, passive trip has begun
acid feels much better
turn it down, tingly spine, you'll be fine
don't you dare freak out on me, let's enjoy this ride
follow all the trails and in case you find
something that is there, it probably really isn't
it's just a side effect of the third eye being risen
walk off into the night and find you survived
idle in the time
subconsciously feel for everyone around you
winter classics keep you grounded, yeah
found you talking to yourself one lonely night
it's better to lie down
than keep your head out of the game
losing focus, don't be lame
steady sailing when you're on a better plane
Mind feels plastic, ride this head trip right to the sun
tracks it, steals that weather,
it's online senses time
we might die
don't you dare freak out on me, let's enjoy this ride
follow all the trails and in case you find
something that is there, it probably really isn't
it's just a side effect of the third eye being risen
Track Name: Owls Will Win
Find out what it's going to be in time,
standing on a dark hilltop
no strength to move or stop,
wrecking lives seems to be my plot
human hurricane taking all the best spots,
left alone no one needs this drop
Spaced out let's go to the port now
meet me there and mysteries you'll seek out
no doubt will be stored now, take this down
This sense of impending doom makes my heart sink
I need a distraction or else these thoughts won't go away
actually they'll always be there, just clouded for a short time
probably won't stop, probably won't stop,
probably won't stop until I die
It's always darkest before dawn hits,
atleast I've heard that so I'll keep on trying
all eyes in the sky kid, owls will win...
Track Name: This
I know you need me, that only goes one way
You're dragging me down
So stop thinking that I'll be there
Space is what I need now
I don't want your time
Just go, we're better off when separate
it's already too late, move on with your life
I'm gone beyond the sky,
when you die I think you'll get this...
Take your shot, take it now, you'll be fine
once you've got it all figured out
It's always easier on the other side,
you won't feel ready
but you've got to try
Stand up for yourself
you can tell all your thoughts now
disagree with policies, they're propagating selfish needs
look out and see this world, take good care of yourself Al
See you on the other side, I'll call you out in record time...
Track Name: Polaris
leave the stocks, build a tragedy, let's look at this logically
better than before, you always wanted more
well now you've got your wish, so mark it off your list
stick with your foolish card, thinking you're so smart
don't you know this isn't the way it should be, oh no
moments missed by distractions that do their best to keep us all
asleep in our beds, ignoring all the signs that we're all bred
like sheep being lead by an old blind dog who's almost dead
wandering around with our faces looking down
feeding off the rounds propagated by evil clowns
look away they got your date and
will use what they got to get you
Polaris it's so cold tonight,
awareness is the goal to get things right
so we can progress passed this dark time in the cold
is where we'll stay if we don't listen up in time and roll
Wake up sleepy head they got into your brain....
Track Name: Feed
No, I don't know what you're saying
I'm not trying to be rude,
but you're words make no sense to me right now
I know I'll get through this panic attack alive
All I can do is try to keep a still mind,
I'm like a ghost in a coal mine, steal mine
My heart is beating like a freight train
I'm breathing like a windmill in a hurricane
with a distant rain that traps me in a tunnel of whines
Feel it in your bones now,
Attacking panic knows how to strap itself to your house
Makes you scared to come out
Leave you all alone to pout, like a stupid drone now
Just a soulless vapor drifts away
Fallin' on your face again
Who needs them? Yeah, who needs friends?
You're the one nobody needs, so stop kidding...
Track Name: Dr. Pill Popper
Your doctor is a pill popper,
I don't trust him at all...
Your friends they are all drug dealers,
I don't trust them at all...