Space FLyer

by AC Deathstrike

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Space Flyer tells the story of a girl named Stereogram and the various people she meets while travelling through space/time/different dimensions in a rocket ship she made out of a bi-plane. Though obviously I'm talking about my own personal shit, but I was having fun with all of the nicknames, dream scenarios, and references to family/friends that I guess I got a little carried away. Though you don't even have to know that to enjoy the album, but I thought I'd let you in on why the album has re-occurring names, phrases, and titles that seem to reference eachother. It's because they ARE referencing eachother, so there you go. Though it would take too long to explain it here, just read the lyrics if you want. I've also included a 9 song EP after the album as sort of end credits called "8-Bit EP", which are songs I was recording for fun while mixing Space FLyer, but then got really into recording and thought I should include them. They ended up being a part of this albums recording process as sort of therapy for me to get away from mixing. I also play a lot of NES games, so it only made sense to include something that is actually a big part of my life. Well, I hope you give this lengthy album a chance and listen to it because I'm really proud of it and hope that it makes at least a few people dance.
Alex Dougherty


released September 1, 2012


Recorded and mixed
at Deathstrike HQ
by: Alex Dougherty

All music & lyrics written by:
Alex Dougherty

"Carl Sagan"
written by: Alex Dougherty & Andrew Wood

Cover art by: Alex Dougherty

performed by:
Alex Dougherty - vocals, lead/rhthym guitars, synthesizers, bass guitar, piano, backing vocals, drums, percussion

with special appearances by:

Adel Bengo: vocals on "Stereogram" and "Sleepy Soundboard"
Andrew Wood: on the track entitled "Carl Sagan" he plays banjo, upright bass, percussion, wood block noises/co-wrote the song . He also plays the bass guitar on "Sleepy Soundboard"
Jon Hernandez: lead guitar during verses on "Sleepy Soundboard"



all rights reserved


AC Deathstrike Jacksonville, Florida

ALEX DOUGHERTY a multi-media artist who spends most of his life making songs, music videos, and short films.

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Track Name: Space FLyer
space flyer:
reflections of stars in your eyes,
flying through space all the time
the instances immortalized
by the constant keepers of time
and all they can do is watch the bitter ones
the second that they see one fly
they mark down the date and the time
send it off to be analyzed
and hope that it teaches them why
all we can do is fight with nothing done
Track Name: Stereogram
a fever is a gun,
pull the trigger have some fun
matters not, not to me
jump around and climb a tree
have a soak in a boat
on a beach in 93
it's a full moon tonight
and it's all that you can see
stereogram, where ya at tonight?
what's on your mind?
it's like I always told you,
the world will sometimes show you
a doorway out before it closes forever
a fever is a gun,
pull the trigger have some fun
matters not, not to me
jump around and climb a tree
have a soak in a boat
on a beach in 93
it's a crescent moon tonight,
and it's all that you can see!
Track Name: Meggie
all night you listen long
to the pains of the innocent
that sing this song
five days from now, she'll be gone
her life, her spark, will move along
free from pain
as time goes by we'll be just fine
her time is up, she has to die
keep her calm while she's alive
don't deny these precious times
nights of cries are far behind
I will not lie, I'll miss her cries
to hear her voice will remind
of those times her head held high
it's alright, she's better off
leaving here to see those lost
it's alright she'll be just fine
it hurts now but it's alright
Track Name: Through the 4th Dimension of Time
through the 4th dimension of time:
falling through the 4th
dimension of time
unable to rightly express myself
as I have no point of reference
the universe seems so small
from the outside
it's like a firework
with one reverse
on the opposite side
Track Name: It's a good ways away
it's a good ways away:
all thoughts and pretensions set aside
in case they saw you fall and you have to hide
tuff your feathers out and maybe they won't see
that you hate yourself
boring chords have no interest to me
but it's redundant to criticize
this is why I never want to leave
the confines of the indoors
all in all in all in all and all i see
the sun the sun the sun the sun shines over me
all in all in all in all and all i see
it's a good ways away HEY! HEY!
I heard about you and your brand new life
gonna be someones mom and someones wife
now your living halfway across the country
and you've forgotten about me
I just hope you're happy
even if it's not with me and it's not my baby
you're a great lady and you deserve your happy
and everything you have
never thought I'd be so alone
no one ever likes to feel left out
feelin like I don't have a home
it's scary because I know it's about
my selfish needs and my 12-track mind
darling, sorry to waste your time
sorry I have all of these addictions
I'm glad to hear you're doing fine
Track Name: Sorry I stay up at night
sorry I stay up at night, I can' help it
I don't know what's wrong with me
joints ache and pain
this worries me every night
I can lie still, it gets worse every time
joints ache and pain
Track Name: Staring off at nothing
staring off at nothing:
it's easy not to worry too much
about where you belong
when you have those who inspire you
inspire you best
has it been too long?
I know I'm not the best judge
time has lost most meaning
and I think that might be good
it's incredible to have a self of place
when no one told you your place in the first place
puff on and on until it kills your lungs
death may lie behind the next door
so you gotta belong
staring off at nothing and absorbing the air
feeding of the energy, losing all care
there is no past, there's only decay
or at least that's what old men tend to say
Track Name: Crooked Thinking
crooked thinking:
forging through the process towards a future
with a brighter shine
indulging in laziness
will slow you down
and stunt your mind
so stop all this cowardice
and get yourself goin right
failing to admit to this
will only keep you down in time
crooked thinking will only
keep you down under lilies
where the rays meet the ground
crooked thinkers will die
with no one around
keep it crooked
and you'll lose em' in every town
Track Name: oh gawsta
oh gawsta:
for anything to be more important to me
I don't understand the logic behind
not loving everyone with your whole mind
I know it's unrealistic to have all of these dreams
but they're all I have, yeah they're all I have
and I don't have much so I gotta hold on to everything
the sounds explored, my minds in all of this
I can't get it out, no I don't wanna get it out
I know it's unrealistic to have all of these dreams
but I gotta hold onto them
Track Name: It's only natural
it's only natural:
sinking to the earth,
rain falling from the sky
I know that it's on your brain,
it's on your mind
oh it's only natural,
don't be so irrational
Track Name: Piece of mine
piece of mine:
beggars up and you cage the empty growl now
it's a step up from standing in the backdown
film it all and make a better map out
you wanted your own piece of mine
it's a fact of bridging all the gaps out
listen close and you'll hear all the bats growl
you wanted your own piece of mine
I know I'll probably never solve it
this puzzle's interesting regardless
Track Name: Carl Sagan
carl sagan:
a wise man once said
"nothing can stop us"
a wise man once said
"nothing can stop us, but ourselves
and all our fear
our fear of technology
and all that comes with it
all in all in all in all and all I see
the sun the sun the sun the sun
shines over me
a wise man once said
"we fear ourselves"
a wise man once said
"we only fear ourselves"
so where do you come from?
from the same as me
well you are wrong my friend
because it's all hypocrisy
Track Name: depths of the pressured sound
depths of the pressure sound:
innocence can be found
in the depths of the pressured sound
follow the vibrations
until your heart is pounding like a drum
instincts will kick in, but stay there
even though you will want to run
the breeze moves the trees
the trees moves the dirt
the dirt feeds the leaves
it's deep in the earth
the sound of the sun
the gleam of the light
the pulse is the one
it's there, still, at night
Track Name: Wisdom Tree
wisdom tree:
7 years have passed
and I am not alone
but I know
this can't be called my home
longer than I can imagine
farther than most distant planets
I won't be here on my own
standing in the meadow
I don't wanna be alone
I wish you were with me there
in the safety of the night
of the burning light
of the health your in for
lying next to me
feeling free to speak
ornate, alive, and I can see
it's in your soul
it's there, still, at night
Track Name: This can't be right
this can't be right:
a sense of fear
that overwhelms me
the cold outside,
the former grief
this can't be right,
this is not the feeling
born in a world
designed to fear me
it blows my mind
it can't be right
it seems unfair,
but nothing ever is
Track Name: how much do I really know?
how much do I really know:
how much do I really know?
and how much is made up?
lives contrived, controlled by news
suspicions are to rough
tally ho! tally ho!
I found the missing piece!
it unfolds and it's old,
but you can't deny it's reach
so much for convincing you
might've lost my touch
that's okay, it's not all I do
though it is my first love
will that feeling of being needed
ever be back again?
like I actually matter
as a lover and as a friend
Track Name: It's something new for you
something new for you:
it's something new for you,
and I hope that you really like it
hey there bb, I need you
I will never deceive you
beach ball, don't fall
I've got some bandaids
down the hall
all right, let's go
we'll throw it out the window
build it up and tear it down
watch it crumble to the ground
way up a tree, we will go
like birds we're free
free to go
we'll fly away, and leave this place
we'll see the moon
from outer space
Track Name: crossed paths with atomic mass
crossed paths with atomic mass:
all these realizations,
they celebrate patience
cigarette cravings had by ancients
space flyer stereogram,
you are a dear dear friend
crossed paths with atomic mass
in its clasp, all the rats
you have the greatest class
creative blasts will come and pass
Track Name: FLy away from me
fly away from me:
everyone wants to run away from me
all at once they're all setting free
no one wants to sit here and watch me drown
if I were them I'd leave me as well
fly away from me, fly away from me
I aint worth having around anyway hey hey
you're all leaving me, but that's okay
stereogram please come back from space
stereogram, where ya at tonight?
I know I shouldn't dwell so bad
I know I shouldn't get so sad
but I do and it pushed you all away
I let you guys down
and can't get you to stay
fly away from me, fly away from me
I aint worth having around anyway hey hey
you're all leaving me, but that's okay
stereogram please come back from space
stereogram, where ya at tonight?
stereogram, you're coming back tonight!
Track Name: Sleepy Soundboard
sleepy soundboard:
And I want you to know, that I won't settle down
I cannot be wrong